Mede mogelijk gemaakt door de kraakbeweging

Split CD coming!

Ratarsed and we put our head together, and thanks to Scaven and ½ Liters Records we are proud to anounce a split cd! Come to the release show @ Maloe Melo, on 6 apr '11! These are the songs we put on there

  1. Bubbles
  2. Amsterdam Vrij
  3. Hang Them All
  4. No Borders
  5. Oi Police
  6. Murder On The Streets
  7. Crash

You can listen to three of the 7 songs on the player below, or you can visit ½ Liters Records to listen to the entire cd!

You want to buy the CD to hear all songs? Click here!

I hope you like our new songs and we hope to see you at our following gig!

Bas - The Hangouts

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