We, The Hangouts, started as a three piece band, formed in 2005. It was Niels on drum, Aris on bas and Bob singing and playing guitar. At that time we we're still in highschool. The first show we had was a show we'd organised ourselfs. We could play 20 minutes of shit as we recall it now, but these 20 minutes on stage was what we wanted. As for school, we actually made it through highschool. Suprisingly because we had a boat laying outside we're we would drink our beers under the watchful eyes of the teachers. Sometimes 'private property' comes in real handy. Since then we played a lot of shows, recorded 2 cds and Bas joined the band. He joined the band in 2009 when Bob had enough of playing guitar and singing at the same time. Being Bas, he could play our old songs so we didn't really have to tell him anything. Since Bas joined the band our sound has changed a bit but we are still the same band, only with 4 persons now. So, that's it. If you want to know more book us!

The Hangouts

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